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D7 Frequently asked questions

Go on Ask! Promise not to Bite!

D7 Frequently asked questions

Go on Ask! Promise not to Bite!

D7 Frequently asked Questions from our Customers

Please review some of our customer comments and don’t hesitate to get in touch for further information

How much storage does the DVR have?

We typically provide 8TB of storage but this can be increased if needed. We would aim to achieve 31 days of recorded images

What is the spec on the security cameras?

Our chosen cameras are 4 Mpixel with full IR

Do you offer a lease option?

Yes we offer full lease agreements. Our lease company is Shire leasing. We can get an instant decision whilst we are at your premises.

How much can I save on my phone bills switching to a hosted system?

Customers on old ISDN systems typically save 60% on their current bill.

How much will I have to put upfront when I change to hosted phones?

This is one of the great selling points, there is no capital expenditure, no upfront cost is needed

Is there a date as to when ISDN lines are ceasing?

Yes it is expected to cease in 2020. A great reason to get in touch and discuss how we can get you changed over!!

Is my current system worth anything?

There is a value to your old system, there are many engineers that will purchase it for spares and repairs. D7 unfortunately wouldn’t be interested in your system, however we will get in touch with somebody that will.

Can I buy a CCTV system rather than lease?

We offer many ways in which to acquire a new system from D7. Contact us to find out more!

Is the call recording easy to set up?

The call recording on our hosted systems is very simple

How do I add an new employee on the phone system

Hosted phone system are cloud based so you simply add more users as you need them?

How easy is it to view recorded footage on the Hikvision DVR

Playback is one of the leading features with the Hikvision DVR. You can watch footage remotely on your PC, tablet or smartphone, you can then email the footage or screen shots instantly.

Can you attach the call recording to my current phone system?

We can attach the module onto your current system. There would be a small install charge, but then it will cost the same as the hosted call recording.

I only have 5 phone users at my business, would I see a benefit to hosted IP phones?

A 5 user system would see a huge benefit, not only on montly rental costs, but also the call charges will be less – GUARENTEED

Is there a maintenance charge like my old system?

There is a monthly maintenance charge of 50p per user per month. Compared with your current maintenance this will be a huge saving.

I have an old CCTV system, can I convert it to IP

Anything is possible with IP, but there would be no advantage to converting analogue to IP as it would be too costly?

Should my camera system be cabled in cat 6?

In most cases we would recommend Cat5e as the DVR sets up its own sub network to keep all video traffic separate to data. If the install needed to be in Cat6 we would discuss further with you.

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